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Overview Tianshui Huatian Technology Co., LTD (Named TSHT thereafter), was established in December 2003. The company’s registered capital is RMB649.808 million, and now has total assets of RMB3.559 billion. Its asset-liability is 44.56%. The company covers an area of 326400 square meters while building area is 8.17 million square meters. TSHT owns various types of IC packaging and testing equipment and/or apparatus of more than 3,000 units (sets).  Its current staff is consisted of more than 7088 employees, of which technical staff number is 2131 including 59 staff engineers and above. TSHT is one of the major IC packaging and test enterprises in China, and the only one listed company of Western China in packaging...

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    Encapsulate three parts and hold the "Quality in Your Hand and Me" propaganda Conference2018-12-20
    Six Packaging Departments Held Team Building Activities for New Employees in the First Quarter of 20182018-12-20
    Huatian Science and Technology Testing Department Equipment Group was awarded the title of "Gansu Innovative Team&a2018-12-20
    Huatian Science and Technology has passed the formal acceptance of the 02 project "Communication and Multimedia Chi2018-12-20

    Investigation by Lu Zhiyuan, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, and his delegation to Huatian Science and Technology (Xi2018-12-20
    Xian Manufacturing Company holds a mobilization meeting for quality year activities2018-12-20
    The 13th Five-Year Plan Group Seminar on Informatization was successfully held in Xian Company2018-12-20
    Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Assessment Team came to China to assess the work of trade unions in 20152018-12-20

    Tianshui Huatian Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Logistics Transportation Bidding Announcement2018-12-20
    The resumption of the sixth Huatian Science and Technology Quality Knowledge Competition is over2018-12-20
    The 3rd Employee Job Skills Competition was held in the front section of Manufacturing Section 22018-12-20
    The Sixth Huatian Science and Technology Quality Knowledge Competition was successfully concluded2018-12-20

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